Caring for people and environment

In today’s society there is an increasing attention and awareness on important themes like CSR, sustainable entrepreneurship and circulair design and construction. Amtra has been working according to these principles for years.

Innovation plays a key role, as well as creativity and entrepreneurship. These aspects are interconnected in our business operations.

We are socially involved, like to be as transparant as we can, innovate to improve and always treat our customers and suppliers with respect. We want to limit the burden on our environment because circular thinking, design and manufacturing are embedded in all facets of the company. In this way we try to contribute to the prevention of raw material scarcity, waste and pollution, so that the machines and installations manufactured and designed by us can be reused.

Nowadays companies are asked to deal with the living environment even more consciously and carefully. We as Amtra fully support this development.

We are regularly involved in the development and application of smart solutions and product innovations in the field of energy-efficient machines and installations. We are ready to give substance to today's social demands with all our attention to people and our environment.

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