Stretch sleeve machines

Stretch sleevels labels are a suitable option for a wide variety of packaging containers in many different industrial sectors. Stretch sleeve labels are characterized by:

✓ Wide available surface for your marketing purposes,
✓ Application without glue or heat,
✓ Easy recycling of the container,
✓ Compatible with plastic, metal, glass and polystyrene,
✓ Good resistance to chemicals
✓ Extremely resistant to weather conditions and UV exposure,
✓ Adaptable to almost all volumes,
✓ Multifunctional: labelling, decoration, closing or bundling.

Stretch sleeve labels are often the preferred labels in the food and chemical industry. The labels are applicable on a many different types of containers like crates, trays, round and square containers and more. Besides the marketing goals of the sleeve, it can also be used to, for example, close the packaging and ensure the quality of the product, decorate or reinforce the packaging and to compete with other full color printed containers. The application of the sleeves without heat makes stretch sleeve labels an suitable and interesting solution on gass cilinders as well.

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