Big bag filling machines

Amtra has a wide range of weighing and filling systems for big-bags suitable for accurate weighing and filling of all existing solid substances in a big-bag. This filling system can also be integrated with in-line handling.

The base model consists of a steel frame and a big bag filling unit with an inflatable seal to prevent leakage during the filling process. The empty big bag is connected to the four stretchers in the upper corners of the frame. Then the filling opening of the empty big bag is pulled over the loading head of the filling station. The filling process can start when the seal surrounding the inlet is inflated. When the big bag is completely filled, the big bag can be released from the frame and be transported.

- Carbon steel, Stainless steel 304L/316L
- Complete with 4 stretchers for correct positioning of the RBB


✓ Modulair design
✓ Compact shipping dimensions
✓ Easy to install
✓ Completely dust-free filling


✓ Pneumatics control screen
✓ Blow up fan for RBB
✓ Sliding valve

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